List of available NDSPsΒΆ

The following network device support packages are available for ARTIQ. If you would like to add yours to this list, just send us an email or a pull request.

Equipment Nix package Conda package Documentation URL
PDQ2 Not available Not available HTML
Lab Brick Digital Attenuator lda lda HTML
Novatech 409B novatech409b novatech409b HTML
Thorlabs T-Cubes thorlabs_tcube thorlabs_tcube HTML
Korad KA3005P korad_ka3005p korad_ka3005p HTML
Newfocus 8742 newfocus8742 newfocus8742 HTML
Princeton Instruments PICam Not available Not available Not available
Anel HUT2 power distribution hut2 hut2 HTML
TOPTICA lasers toptica-lasersdk-artiq toptica-lasersdk-artiq Not available
HighFinesse wavemeters highfinesse-net highfinesse-net HTML