Main office

M-Labs Limited

Unit 7, 21/F Kodak House II, 39 Healthy Street East, North Point, Hong Kong

In Chinese: 北角健康東街39號 柯達大廈二座 21樓7號房 右邊(2107)

Tel: +852 65873703 or +852 51373772

Public transport

MTR: Island Line, Quarry Bay, exit C

Tramway: Healthy Street East

Bus: Kodak House / North Point Government Office / North Point Fire Station / Healthy Village; King's Road


Photo: Mateusz Wójcik


G/F Kam Hoi Mansion, 31 Pan Hoi Street, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong

This is part of the building complex numbered 15-53A on the street entrance.

In Chinese: 香港鰂魚涌濱海街31號金海大廈G字樓

Public transport to the workshop:

MTR: Island Line, Quarry Bay, exit A

Tramway: Mount Parker Road

Bus: Sunway Gardens / Westlands Road / Pan Hoi Street

Those transportation options take you to King's Road, then see the directions below.

1 When entering from King's Road, Pan Hoi Street looks like this. Go to the location of the red arrow:
2 Enter here:
3 Turn right here, walk a little bit, and the workshop will be on your left: