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ARTIQ (Advanced Real-Time Infrastructure for Quantum physics) is a leading-edge control system for quantum information experiments, developed in partnership with a growing number of research institutions worldwide.

The system features a high-level programming language that helps describe complex experiments, which is compiled and executed on dedicated hardware with nanosecond timing resolution and sub-microsecond latency.

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We are always looking for talented people to join our team and help us deliver the systems that enable the experimental quantum research of tomorrow.

If you are good at software, electronics or photonics, and physics makes you tick, then you should get in touch. Locations in Hong Kong and Manila available.

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Gateware and system-on-chip design

Traditional gateware design with Verilog and VHDL is well known to be tedious and inefficient. M-Labs have developed Migen, a Python-based HDL and toolbox that addresses many of their issues and makes gateware design more productive.

Built on Migen, MiSoC provides a high performance, flexible and lightweight solution to build system-on-chips for various applications.