Source code for artiq.coredevice.exceptions

import builtins
import linecache
import re
import os

from artiq import __artiq_dir__ as artiq_dir
from artiq.coredevice.runtime import source_loader

ZeroDivisionError = builtins.ZeroDivisionError
ValueError = builtins.ValueError
IndexError = builtins.IndexError
RuntimeError = builtins.RuntimeError
AssertionError = builtins.AssertionError

[docs]class CoreException: """Information about an exception raised or passed through the core device.""" def __init__(self, exceptions, exception_info, traceback, stack_pointers): self.exceptions = exceptions self.exception_info = exception_info self.traceback = list(traceback) self.stack_pointers = stack_pointers first_exception = exceptions[0] name = first_exception[0] if ':' in name: exn_id, = name.split(':', 2) = int(exn_id) else:, = 0, name self.message = first_exception[1] self.params = first_exception[2] def append_backtrace(self, record, inlined=False): filename, line, column, function, address = record stub_globals = {"__name__": filename, "__loader__": source_loader} source_line = linecache.getline(filename, line, stub_globals) indentation ="^\s*", source_line).end() if address is None: formatted_address = "" elif inlined: formatted_address = " (inlined)" else: formatted_address = " (RA=+0x{:x})".format(address) filename = filename.replace(artiq_dir, "<artiq>") lines = [] if column == -1: lines.append(" {}".format(source_line.strip() if source_line else "<unknown>")) lines.append(" File \"{file}\", line {line}, in {function}{address}". format(file=filename, line=line, function=function, address=formatted_address)) else: lines.append(" {}^".format(" " * (column - indentation))) lines.append(" {}".format(source_line.strip() if source_line else "<unknown>")) lines.append(" File \"{file}\", line {line}, column {column}," " in {function}{address}". format(file=filename, line=line, column=column + 1, function=function, address=formatted_address)) return lines def single_traceback(self, exception_index): # note that we insert in reversed order lines = [] last_sp = 0 start_backtrace_index = self.exception_info[exception_index][1] zipped = list(zip(self.traceback[start_backtrace_index:], self.stack_pointers[start_backtrace_index:])) exception = self.exceptions[exception_index] name = exception[0] message = exception[1] params = exception[2] if ':' in name: exn_id, name = name.split(':', 2) exn_id = int(exn_id) else: exn_id = 0 lines.append("{}({}): {}".format(name, exn_id, message.format(*params))) zipped.append(((exception[3], exception[4], exception[5], exception[6], None, []), None)) for ((filename, line, column, function, address, inlined), sp) in zipped: # backtrace of nested exceptions may be discontinuous # but the stack pointer must increase monotonically if sp is not None and sp <= last_sp: continue last_sp = sp for record in reversed(inlined): lines += self.append_backtrace(record, True) lines += self.append_backtrace((filename, line, column, function, address)) lines.append("Traceback (most recent call first):") return "\n".join(reversed(lines)) def __str__(self): tracebacks = [self.single_traceback(i) for i in range(len(self.exceptions))] traceback_str = ('\n\nDuring handling of the above exception, ' + 'another exception occurred:\n\n').join(tracebacks) return 'Core Device Traceback:\n' +\ traceback_str +\ '\n\nEnd of Core Device Traceback\n'
[docs]class InternalError(Exception): """Raised when the runtime encounters an internal error condition.""" artiq_builtin = True
[docs]class CacheError(Exception): """Raised when putting a value into a cache row would violate memory safety.""" artiq_builtin = True
[docs]class RTIOUnderflow(Exception): """Raised when the CPU or DMA core fails to submit a RTIO event early enough (with respect to the event's timestamp). The offending event is discarded and the RTIO core keeps operating. """ artiq_builtin = True
[docs]class RTIOOverflow(Exception): """Raised when at least one event could not be registered into the RTIO input FIFO because it was full (CPU not reading fast enough). This does not interrupt operations further than cancelling the current read attempt and discarding some events. Reading can be reattempted after the exception is caught, and events will be partially retrieved. """ artiq_builtin = True
[docs]class RTIODestinationUnreachable(Exception): """Raised with a RTIO operation could not be completed due to a DRTIO link being down. """ artiq_builtin = True
[docs]class DMAError(Exception): """Raised when performing an invalid DMA operation.""" artiq_builtin = True
[docs]class ClockFailure(Exception): """Raised when RTIO PLL has lost lock."""
[docs]class I2CError(Exception): """Raised when a I2C transaction fails.""" pass
[docs]class SPIError(Exception): """Raised when a SPI transaction fails.""" pass