We are looking for talented people to join our team.

If you want to be at the intersection of physics and engineering, collaborate with world-class scientists, and have the freedom to work with cutting-edge open source technology such as embedded Rust, LLVM, and next-generation FPGA tools such as the nMigen language - then consider a job at M-Labs.

The laboratories at NIST and PTB, where some of the main ARTIQ installations are located

Our office is located in the center of Hong Kong, a cosmopolitan city with world-class infrastructure, many cultural and social events, and beautiful natural scenery. It has a separate system from mainland China, where, for example, communications are unrestricted, taxes are low, and customs tariffs virtually inexistent. Hong Kong is located next to Shenzhen, a city with a bustling tech scene, and where many of the world's electronic gadgets are designed and manufactured.

For local applicants, now is your chance to work on top-notch science and technology projects with partners worldwide, including Oxford University and NIST - in a field whose applications are responsible for 20% of GDP. For international applicants, Hong Kong provides fast, low-cost, and relatively hassle-free employment visa processing.

We also accept remote positions, and you may also choose to work at our sister company QUARTIQ GmbH in Berlin-Adlershof, Germany.

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