Source code for artiq.coredevice.cache

from artiq.language.core import *
from artiq.language.types import *

def cache_get(key: TStr) -> TList(TInt32):
    raise NotImplementedError("syscall not simulated")

def cache_put(key: TStr, value: TList(TInt32)) -> TNone:
    raise NotImplementedError("syscall not simulated")

[docs]class CoreCache: """Core device cache access""" def __init__(self, dmgr, core_device="core"): self.core = dmgr.get(core_device)
[docs] @kernel def get(self, key): """Extract a value from the core device cache. After a value is extracted, it cannot be replaced with another value using :meth:`put` until all kernel functions finish executing; attempting to replace it will result in a :class:`artiq.coredevice.exceptions.CacheError`. If the cache does not contain any value associated with ``key``, an empty list is returned. The value is not copied, so mutating it will change what's stored in the cache. :param str key: cache key :return: a list of 32-bit integers """ return cache_get(key)
[docs] @kernel def put(self, key, value): """Put a value into the core device cache. The value will persist until reboot. To remove a value from the cache, call :meth:`put` with an empty list. :param str key: cache key :param list value: a list of 32-bit integers """ cache_put(key, value)