We used to work on two video platforms: the Milkymist One and the Mixxeo. If you are interested in those devices, we recommend you check out Numato Opsis instead.

The Mixxeo is the first open source digital video mixer. It will support mixing from two DVI or HDMI sources up to 720p60, with crossfade, fade to black and other effects with a latency of less than two frames.

Milkymist One

Milkymist One is a digital video synthesizer released in 2011. It produces real-time visual effects similar to those of MilkDrop, with the extra possibility to use a camera or other video sources as inputs.

It is based on a custom open source Verilog system-on-chip design that contains the LM32 soft CPU with many custom peripherals such as a SDRAM controller that went into space, a VLIW floating-point coprocessor and a 2D texture mapping accelerator.