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Control loops


The stabilizer module is a CPU-based dual-channel fast servo. It can be controlled by Kasli or work stand-alone with Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) supply.

It can be used as a general-purpose PID controller. Several AFE extensions are under development including high current power supply for magnets.

More information

The standard open source firmware that comes with the board has the following features:

To purchase this controller, email sales@m-***s.hk. We also offer firmware customizations and development of new features. Note that features that are not implemented in the open source code above (e.g. control from Kasli) are not supported unless purchased separately.


This module is a 2-channel temperature controller EEM based on the Maxim MAX1968 driver, capable of driving 6W into a TEC or resistive heater. The sensor interface is based on AD7172 ADC.

Preliminary specifications:

This module is still in development and is not currently available.


With the SU-Servo feature of ARTIQ, the AD9910 variant of Urukul (which has fine amplitude control) can be used in combination with the Sampler ADC to form a laser intensity servo. In this application, the Urukul card drives AOMs and photodiodes are connected to Sampler to monitor laser intensities. When ordering your system, specify that you want SU-Servo integrated into the gateware.

See the Sinara Core page for the relevant devices (Kasli, Sampler and Urukul).